EDC Lagos


The  Entrepreneurship Development Centre(EDC), Lagos is one of the three Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN), Entrepreneurship Development Centres, managed and operated by the Africa Leadership Forum to expressly address the phenomenon of rising youth unemployment and its threats to political stability, social cohesion and economic growth of the nation. EDC adopts a person-centred and demand-driven approach towards promoting and developing competent and productive initiatives in the area of small enterprises.

The project is designed to provide training, strategies and certification programmes that will assist young Nigerians to embrace micro, small and medium scale enterprises as alternative employment options. It seeks to effectively mainstream youth participation in the economic activities of their respective communities with a view to reducing unemployment, while also generating a higher value addition for the nation’s economy.


The main objective of EDC is to create a new breed of young entrepreneurs that will become net-contributors to the national economy.

The specific objectives are:

  • To develop entrepreneurship spirit amongst Nigerians by providing insights into the tools, techniques and framework for functional areas of business enterprise, including production, marketing, personnel and finance.
  • To develop skills of trainees to successfully start, manage, diversify and expand business enterprises.
  • To facilitate easy access to start-up capital for trainees, especially funds from banks and allied financial institutions.
  • To generate employment opportunities for Nigerians in line with the goals of the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS).
  • To raise a new class of entrepreneurs who can successfully manage micro, small and medium scale enterprises, compete globally, and who can serve  as or provide (the) catalyst for the industrialisation of Nigeria.


  • The ALF in addition to the training provided by the EDC – Lagos has also introduced a number of value added services to assist the EDC graduates in actualising their vision of becoming successful entrepreneurs. These services are as follows;
  • Database of Business Ideas and Prototype: As an additional benefit to its entrepreneurial training, the ALF has developed a database of business ideas and prototypes for EDC – Lagos, to effectively guide its trainees in their choice of businesses.
  • STAGE Fund: The State Growth Enterprise Development Fund (STAGE), is a special pool of funds contributed by the governments of South-West states, international and local donor agencies and EDC-Lagos partner bank. The STAGE Fund, to be managed by ALF in conjunction with the partner bank, is aimed at funding Growth Enterprises (GEs), by providing non-collateralised loans at reduced interest rates to beneficiaries of ALF-EDC entrepreneurship training programme with bankable business plans.
  • Business Development Services (BDS): The Business Development Services unit of the Centre provides a wide range of services aimed at developing the managerial, financial and operational skills needed to ensure a profitable business. Career counseling is also provided to beneficiaries to align their strength, weakness, passion and link them with various opportunities the program offers.
  • Experience Sharing/Vocational training: To acquire first hand experience and exposure in modern business skills, the EDC Lagos has database of accomplished entrepreneurs and career persons who are invited to the centre on regular basis to share business experiences and vocational training and to serve as mentors to trainees. Linkage with Research Products: EDC Lagos partners with a number of research institutes and organisations to boost research in various fields of interest. Trainees are linked to research products of research institutes in the country. They are also exposed to field contacts with researchers and technicians in various fields.



People who want to:

  • Generate business ideas
  • Be self-employed / start new business
  • Produce bankable business plans
  • Expand existing businesses
  • Obtain loans for their businesses


Graduate – 4 weeks

Non-Graduate – 6 weeks

Registration Fee: N5,000

Free Business Orientation Seminar: 3rd Saturday of every month @ 10am

Graduate Programme for 2011 Application Dealine Non-Graduate Programme for 2011 Application Dealine
January 10 – February 4 January 6 January 24 – March 4 January 20
January 24 – February 18 January 20 February 21 – April 1 February 17
February 7 – March 4 February 3 March 21 – April 29 March 17
February 21 -March 18 February 17 April 18 – May 27 April 14
March 7 – April 1 March 3 May 16 – June 24 May 12
March 21 – April 15 March 17 June 13 – July 22 June 9
April 4 – April 29 March 31 July 11 – Aug 19 July 7
April 18 – May 13 April 14 August 8 – September 16 August 4
May 2 – May 27 April 28
May 16 – June 10 May 12
May 30 – June 24 May 26
June 13 – July 8 June 9
June 27 – July 22 June 23

VENUE: Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Plot C, Obasa Road, Off Oba Akran Avenue, Behind AP Filling Station, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria

EDC … Moulding Successful Entrepreneurs