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As you probably know, the ALF has initiated a campaign called The Good Nigerian. It aims at identifying, celebrating, promoting and supporting everyday citizens who are proving themselves as worthy ambassadors of the nation in their various communities or endeavours.

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Nigeria’s Endangered Species: the Case of Salami Ibraheem

By Ayodele Aderinwale*


ALF Executive Director, Mr. Ayodele Aderinwale MFR


Many years ago, I had a rather interesting conversation with a slightly younger colleague. We were generally talking about the Nigerian society but more specifically about leadership values and ethics in the country. One thing that struck me during that conversation was the confidence with which the colleague argued that when a person tries to do the right and proper thing in Nigeria, the system consumes him or her. In very clear terms, he said, “Oga, no matter how hard you try, Nigeria will defeat you”.

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Something Good Out of Nigeria

The Africa Leadership Forum (ALF) has initiated a programme, The Good Nigerian, aimed at identifying, celebrating, promoting and supporting everyday citizens who are proving themselves as worthy ambassadors of the nation in their various communities or endeavours. Continue reading

LIP Diaries: Did someone say LIP is over?

By Chioma Okwudiafor

They say everything that has a beginning must have an end: I beg to disagree. In some cases, the end is just the beginning. So to those who say the 2011 Batch A Legislative Internship Programme has ended, I say it is beginning of long lasting friendships and shared ideals!

Still, I have to admit it was hard to say goodbye after the debriefing session held in Ota from 16th to 18th October, 2011. When I signed up for the programme, I had no idea it would come to mean so much to me. Orientation was cool but I guess we were just getting to know one another so parting ways for our various assemblies didn’t really hurt.

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Every Drop Counts

Worried by the dearth of potable water in many regions of the world and the growing threat to fresh water supply by climate change, the Melody for Dialogue among Civilizations Association (MDACA) and Africa Leadership Forum (ALF) are organising a regional conference on water. The conference, aimed at raising public awareness about the issue, will be held at the ALF secretariat in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria from 30th November to 1st December, 2011.

The theme of the conference is “Water: The Regional Challenge of Our Future” while the Keynote address will be delivered by H.E Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR (Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria).

The event, which is supported by UNESCO, features a special performance by the queen of drums, Ara.

Although it is open only to selected participants, we hope that the general public will engage in the discussions via our internet social networks.  Interested members of the public can follow us on twitter: @alfpublications and @melodydialogue. You can also use the hashtag #water4africa to contribute to the discussions before, during and after the conference. What’s more, you can follow our dedicated tumblr account: for images from the event and more.

For further information, please contact Foluke Ademokun; email:, Tel: +234-805-2091-12

ALF partners KIM for leadership convention

ALFThe Africa Leadership Forum and the Kenya Institute of Management have jointly convened the 2nd Africa Governance, Leadership and Management Convention. The convention which held in Mombasa, Kenya between 2nd and 5th of August 2011, was attended by some 150 participants from 15 African countries. It brought together an array of key stakeholders from the organised private sector across Africa, key African leaders and policy makers, joined by other professionals from a broad range of development concern.

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Getting business right

By Foluke Ademokun

If you think getting a paid job is difficult these days, starting a new business or expanding your current one may be described as herculean. Either way, you require much more than luck to make a success of your choice. To grow a business successfully for instance you require more than technical skills, you need a vision! Many businesses have been observed to fail because owners do not match technical capability with vision or innovation if you like. They are lacking in entrepreneurship and unable to demonstrate entrepreneurial character as well as fail to observe basic business management and development practices. This is because they see business ownership as an unskilled task or sufficient to be executed on the basis of apprenticeship.

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