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As you probably know, the ALF has initiated a campaign called The Good Nigerian. It aims at identifying, celebrating, promoting and supporting everyday citizens who are proving themselves as worthy ambassadors of the nation in their various communities or endeavours.

We are in the search for good Nigerian citizens! And one person, Lara Pawson, wrote to us to with three recommendations. Below is Pawson’s mail. Kindly share your thoughts on the recommended Nigerians if you know them. You can also write and tell us about Nigerians doing things the nation should be proud of.

“The three Nigerians I would strongly recommend are:

1. Sola Odunfa, the former BBC correspondent, now getting on a bit, but who worked brilliantly as a reporter from Biafra all the way through to the early 21st century. He deserves some award. Amazing man. Always humble, always humourous, always informed. I salute Sola!

2. David Dibosa, British born of Nigerian parents, now working at Chelsea College of Art, with regular work at Tate Britain art gallery. Here, in Britain, where racism continues, and in some ways (I think) increases, David keeps his optimism up, and keeps going on out there, to academic conferences, to art galleries, and talking about matters that matter hugely in this world, around race, sexuality, identity, beauty, etc etc. He has won the respect of many very serious academics, and does great work in encouraging, particularly young (often black) artists. He is breaking new ground here. I met David when working for Bernie Grant MP, one of Britain’s first black MPs.

3. Raimi Gbadamosi, artist & academic, now currently wroking in Johannesburg, (I think at the University of Johannesburg, but not 100% sure). Raimi has the brain of brilliance. He is ascerbic, ferociously intelligent and full of humour. He is also 100% principled. He sticks to what he believes in and makes no exceptions. I have great admiration for him.

These three people have all inspired me to keep working and keep pursuing brilliance, even though they probably don’t know it. And I know that they have inspired many others. They deserve attention and respect. They make Nigeria proud!

Lara Pawson: A Londoner, who has worked in Angola, Ivory Coast & Mali as a BBC correspondent, but who soon tired of British media!”


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