Something Good Out of Nigeria

The Africa Leadership Forum (ALF) has initiated a programme, The Good Nigerian, aimed at identifying, celebrating, promoting and supporting everyday citizens who are proving themselves as worthy ambassadors of the nation in their various communities or endeavours.

The programme is based on the premise that Nigeria’s image over the years has been negatively affected by stories of corruption, mismanagement, fraud and other forms of crime reported in local and international media.

Indeed, acts of criminality are even celebrated by a section of the Nigerian public, giving the impression that the nation is one of thieves and crooks. For anyone without any direct contact with Nigeria or Nigerians, it would seem that ours is a cesspit of value atrophy

There is, however, a breed of Nigerians that is highly under-reported and uncelebrated. Across the country and beyond, the stories of this seeming minority group of hardworking and honest Nigerians are hardly ever told, promoted and preserved. As a result of this failure to recognise its good citizens, Nigeria seems to lack characters worthy of celebration and emulation.

To help achieve the objectives of this initiative, we urge members of the public to send us stories of everyday Nigerians who have exhibited acts of patriotism, integrity, or ethical leadership in their workplaces, schools, communities, etc.

Stories must be verifiable and sent to us via in the format below;

    I.            Name and full contact details of sender

    II.            Story

   III.            Name and full contact details of the subject (person in the story)

  IV.            Name and full contact details of corroborator

Stories will be considered and verified by the ALF and the subjects will be contacted for further discussions.


3 thoughts on “Something Good Out of Nigeria

  1. If our past leaders are taken away in fact nigeria must be the best country you never have.abaut past leader let them die or be elliminated by the must high

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